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April 2014

First of all thanks to all who have shown such great interest in Solar Energy. It is one of the most ignored subjects these days here in sunny South Africa. For various reasons. Not knowing enough about it is only one of them.

 In this update I will provide some actual operating data, taken from my own system, which is a 6kW installation using a 8kVA grid tied inverter, a 1660 Ah 48V battery bank, 2 x 100A MPPT charge controllers and 24 x 250W PV panels. The entire system can be monitored in real-time via a communications link (which can be installed as an option), from anywhere via a standard web browser. 

The first graph shows beautifully the power produced by the sun over a 24 hour period. That particular graph is from April 3, 2014 which seems to have been a particularly nice day as is shows a nice clean graph.


February 2014

Since my last newsletter I discovered that there is a huge interest by a great number of people in Solar Power.

I had over 50 requests for more information alone from some comments I made on a popular news site.

Many would like to invest in a system but know very little about it. There are a number of web sites but all are just advertising their products. None gives good solid advice on the intricacies of choosing, installing and running a solar power system.

I had a very positive response to my first newsletter. Many asking for more useful information.

As some of you already know I installed a medium size PV System over 2 years ago and I’m producing all the power that my home and office with 9 staff requires. Never mind all those annoying power cuts and of course my all time favorite, load shedding. 


October 2013

In this edition of SOLAR POWER I will tell the story of how I freed myself from the slavery of our authoritarian, but otherwise useless providers of electricity.

It all began in January 2008 when Escom, because of what can only be described as incompetence, started Load shedding, or what I call ‘rolling blackouts’ affecting millions of people and thousands of businesses, causing billions
Of Rands of losses to the effect that even our GDP was negatively affected.

This is economic terrorism, nothing more, noting less. Just for a moment, consider that if you as an individual would interfere with our electricity network causing a problem, however minor, you would be sent to jail.